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Attention to optical fiber optic cable storage and transportation

Issuing time:2018-07-02 11:48

Cable cable has the advantages of small size, light weight, large communication capacity, long relay distance, strong anti-interference ability, and small attenuation coefficient. According to different types of cable, it can be divided into direct burial, pipelines, overhead and other laying methods. Mainly used in long-distance communication systems and local and agricultural telephone communication lines; It can also be used for transmission lines for power systems and CATV systems.
1, optical fiber is made of SiO2 materials through special processing, can not withstand pressure, collision, so when storage and construction, should be careful to avoid breaking the core.
Plastics have excellent mechanical and physical properties and environmental resistance, but can not withstand the impact and abrasion of hard and sharp objects.
Special care should be taken when unloading optical cables, which may be discharged by one of the following methods:
3.1. It is best to use a forklift or hoist to gently place the cable on the ground from the car.
3.2 When disconnecting the cable, place a flat board between the truck platform and the ground to form a slope less than 45 °, along the cable

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