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Fibre optic network universal connection fee is the key

Issuing time:2018-07-02 11:48

According to the results of the FIND survey, the average monthly amount that domestic network users are willing to pay for services using fibre-optic networks is 602.1 yuan. At present, ADSL users and Cable Model users are willing to pay an average monthly amount of 610.2 yuan and 549.5 yuan for fiber network services, respectively. The above figures are lower than the current monthly network actual expenditure, indicating that the connection cost will be the key to the future fiber network penetration rate. factor.
According to the survey conducted by FIND on the demand for fiber optic Internet application services in Taiwan, the actual actual cost of domestic users 'Internet connection is currently 822.7 yuan, while the actual monthly expenditure of ADSL users and Cable Model users is 803.1 yuan and 600.2 yuan, respectively, indicating that the people expect the rate of fiber network. All below the current network rate.
The report found that more than 73 per cent of respondents believed that the monthly fee for Internet access, which includes a link fee and a telephone line, would be increased if it were lower than the current monthly fee for Internet use

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